What do you do with a Fancy Monogram?

Put it on a refurbished milk can of course! I have a customer from Connecticut who had a milk can she wanted to redo for her front stoop. She asked if we could do a monogram without the name to put on the front of it. I said "Of Course!"
She was nice enough to send me a picture. It turned out great - right? Thanks again, Liz.

The monograms can also be added to a tile and displayed in your home.
This is the picture that another customer from Ohio sent me of her tile. It looks great on the top of her cabinets. Thanks Laura!
We would love to customize your monogram. Our most popular size is 10 x 10 and runs $7.00, but we can size it to meet your needs. Just email for custom sizing and pricing. Here is our listing on our Etsy shop.

New Christmas vinyls

Are you ready for some new Christmas decorations. I've been busy coming up with some ideas for easy blocks and tiles. Here are a few new ideas.

This one could be sized to fit your needs. If you want to put it on a tile (SO Easy!) or a block, we'll size it 10 x 10 - $7.00 or 6 x 6 - $5.00

This could go on a 2 x 4 block or a wall plaque. It measures 9 x 4 and comes in 2 different styles.
You can choose your colors - $3.50 for the vinyl.

These two are made to fit on 2 x 4 blocks. Paint your blocks the color you want then add the vinyl. $3.00 for the vinyl.

Fall Harvest Festival

I will be having a booth at the CMH Fall Harvest Festival Saturday, Oct. 4, from 9 - 3. Stop by and see me. Mention this post and receive 10% off your purchases and vinyl orders!

Gym Floor

On May 8, 2009, the seniors at Marion C Early High School were all excited for graduation day. As they arrived at school to take the bus to their Senior Breakfast, they were ushered into the school hallways where they joined the rest of the students in a "duck and cover" while they waited out the tornado force straight line winds that tore through the town. When it was all over, the field house where they were scheduled to graduate that evening, had holes in the roof and inches of water covering the floor. Unfortunately, graduation had to be rescheduled and the gym floor and roof would have to be replaced. The booster club came up with an amazing idea for the floor. They decided to sell pieces of the old floor as souvenirs, as well as offer personalization for those who would like it. They are going to auction off large pieces representing various teams that played on the floor. Here are a couple of examples of the boards.

Upcycle old windows!



I had a custom order for a gal in Arkansas. She had some old windows that she wanted to turn into home decorations. She sent me a picture of one of the finished windows. It turned out great! She did a couple more for her parents and inlaws. I thought I'd share a photo that she sent me. Do you have any old items that could be upcycled into some amazing home decor? I'd love to help you with your vinyl needs!