Merry Christmas

***NOTE - We no longer sell the kits.  If there are items that we happen to have in stock, we will be happy to sell those. ***
Here are a few of the items we put together for Christmas. I love the charger plates and the Christmas ornaments. We did a glass block with the lights inside - of course that one isn't in the picture :0.
Charger Plate - $3.00
Glass block - $10.00
Glass block with lights - $20.00
5.5 x 5.5 quote block - $5.00
6 x 6 tile - $5.00
Joy Candles - $6.00
Ornaments - $1.00 ea. or 12 for $8.00
Peace on Earth blocks (opposite side says J O Y) - $5.00

Magnet boards - Memories and Family

NOTE - we are no longer making the boards.  All items may not be in stock.  But we are happy to sell the vinyl and give instructions for making the boards yourself.

These boards are fun. It is so easy to switch out the pictures when you want to update. They come with a magnet and either a scroll to hang or a ribbon. The smaller boards are all 10 x 11 and the larger board is 10 x 18. Each has one piece of tin measuring 5 x 7. Use either a 5 x 7 photo, or a 4 x 6 if you want a border around the photo.

vinyl only - $1.50 (small board) or $4.00 (large board)

Finished - $20.00(small board with scroll)
$15.00 (small board with ribbon)
$24.00 (large board with scroll)

Families are Forever or Together Forever Scroll magnet board

This is one of my favorite ones. The board measures 24" long x 10" wide. It has straight edges and is distressed. With the scroll it measures approx. 20" tall by 28" long. The board and scroll are tied together with ribbon. Change out your pictures easily since they are held on with magnets!

vinyl only - choose from Together Forever or Families are Forever - $2.00

I have the top item available for sale $35.00

Get your head in the game!

Here is another fun spot board with hook. Great for your basketball star!
vinyl only - $5.00
Finished $25.00

Don't Let the fear of Striking Out

This is a fun board with a hat or coat hook. It's painted blue with white vinyl. It is on an 18" straight edge board.
Vinyl Only - $5.00

Fall Craft Fair Items

I have been busy getting ready for a fall craft fair. I've posted pictures. Paint colors and vinyl colors can be changed on any of these projects.

Family block. This is a 2 x 4 block measuring approx. The block is painted cream with dark blue on top, then sanded and edges distressed.
vinyl only - $1.25

All because two peple fell in love. 3.5" x 24" painted cream with dark brown vinyl in choice of Harrington font or _______. Comes with a sawtooth hanger.
Vinyl only - $5.00

We don't remember days we remember Moments. This board measures 3.5" x 20" and is painted chocolate brown with cream vinyl. It comes with a sawtooth hanger.
vinyl only - $4.00

Have yourself a merry little Christmas or Joy to the World blocks. These blocks measure approx. 5 x 5 and can sit alone on a shelf.
Vinyl only - 2.00

These cute little magnet boards stand in a 2 x 2 block measuring 7" long. The tin is 5 x 7 and comes with two magnets. You can easily change out your picture to display a current photo. I had to show a close up of the cute magnets that come with the "Little Princess" and "Little Slugger" boards. Pricing for these is all the same.
Vinyl Only - $.75

Choice of #1 - To teach is to touch a life forever.
#2 - Recipes

#3 Little Princess or #4 Little Slugger

The magnets on the girl and boy magnet boards include:
star, castle, "princess", ball hat, ball glove, baseball, bat, cleats

Memories magnet board with iron scroll to hang. This board measures 12 x 12 counting the scroll. It comes with 2 magnets. The scroll is tied on with ribbon. The tin measures 5 x 7 to fit your favorite photo.
vinyl only - $1.00

The four basic food groups: Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Truffles. Measures 10 x 12 and has a brown ribbon to hang with.
Vinyl only - $5.00

To teach is to touch a life forever. This quote block measures 7.5 x 7.5 and can stand alone. It is painted black with white vinyl, distressed on the edges.
vinyl only: 3.00

Family Name board - live, love, and laugh

This family name board is routed on the edges, then painted off white. The last name is in beige with a dark brown overlay. The board measures 6 x 24.  This board could be customized with your favorite quote for the overlay - and with different colors.

vinyl only: $10.00

Family Chore Chart

This chore chart can be customized to fit your family. It will help keep you organized and it looks great! This price includes up to 10 chores and a 12" x 24" board.
Vinyl Only: $10.00

FALL Blocks

These blocks worked up great! They are made from 2 x 4 blocks, painted and stained. They make a great addition to your fall decorations.
Vinyl only: $4.00

More Decals.

Each of these are $3.00 each. Measurements are below each picture.

14.5 x 2.5
14 x 2 (each separately)

15 x 3.5

15 x 3.5

More decals!

These decals all run $1.00 each. The long ones are all approx. 2" tall and 11"- 12" wide. (I used them for a project with the childs name in bold behind on a 2 x 4 board 12" long - as in the example below)

I have 4 of these. I also have 1 in blue in a script font that isn't shown.

There are 3 red and 3 black of this style.
There are 2 of these. They measure 3 x 3.

Cleaning out the Closet!

I've been going through some of the vinyl I have cut and realized I was starting to get quite a pile. If anyone is interested in any of these decals, email me.
Bold Mittens - $3.00 - approx. 6 x 4 Outline mittens - $3.00 approx. 6 x 4
$3.00 approx. 15 x 5
$3.00 approx 10 x 5-1/2
(6) snowflakes measuring approx 3 x 3 each - $3.00 for all

$2.00 Happy Holidays measures 8-1/2 x 3, Merry Christmas is 8 x 2
$1.00 9-1/2 x 1-1/2

$1.00 11-1/2 x 2
$2.00 17 x 3-1/2

St. Louis Temple #16

I am pretty excited about this one. It took a lot of work to get an image of the St. Louis temple ready to cut in vinyl - but I finally did it!! This one shown measures approx. 6" wide x 9-1/2" tall. It is applied to an 8 x 10 tile. It could also be sized larger to apply to a 12 x 12 tile, a frame, etc. Add a sealing date and names too to customize it for your home or a gift.
This size - vinyl only $10.00

If you would like prices and ideas for other sizes, just drop me an email

Count your Blessings #15

This shelf sitter is made from a 6" long 2 x 4 board. It's been painted light brown and edges sanded to give it an aged look. We used dark brown vinyl. It's a great reminder for any time of the year, but especially as the Thanksgiving season comes up.
vinyl only: $1.00

Cannister Set #14

This cute cannister set can add a little perosnality to your countertop. You can choose choice of vinyl color and label. Do it yourself for $3.50.

Family Monogram Tile #13

12 x 12 Monogram Tile. Makes a great wedding gift. This is for Vinyl only. Just add a 12 x 12 tile which you can get at Lowe's or Home Depot, etc. for around $1.00 each. Choice of black or brown vinyl $7.00.

Family Mailbox

Jazz up your mailbox with your family picture :) Our mailbox had been hit so many times that I finally broke down and got a new one. So I decided to add some vinyl while I was at it. It turned out pretty cute. Names have been changed to protect the innocent :) This project is for the vinyl only, in white or black. $10.00 for the first 6 people, $1.75 for each additional person. Specify gender and age. You can add names or leave them off - specify.

Patriotic Stackers #012

I finished this stacker the other day, in time for the 4th. I thought it turned out cute. It is made with (3) 2 x 2 blocks measuring 5, 7, and 9". They are painted red, white and blue with the edges sanded. They have a wire wrapped around them to hold them all together. Vinyl only - $2.00