Gym Floor

On May 8, 2009, the seniors at Marion C Early High School were all excited for graduation day. As they arrived at school to take the bus to their Senior Breakfast, they were ushered into the school hallways where they joined the rest of the students in a "duck and cover" while they waited out the tornado force straight line winds that tore through the town. When it was all over, the field house where they were scheduled to graduate that evening, had holes in the roof and inches of water covering the floor. Unfortunately, graduation had to be rescheduled and the gym floor and roof would have to be replaced. The booster club came up with an amazing idea for the floor. They decided to sell pieces of the old floor as souvenirs, as well as offer personalization for those who would like it. They are going to auction off large pieces representing various teams that played on the floor. Here are a couple of examples of the boards.

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