Seasonal Tiles with frame

I am really excited about this post. Several months ago I saw and idea using 4 x 4 tiles that pop into a frame and can be changed for different seasons, etc. I hadn't been able to find a frame that would work. Then a friend from church showed me a set that she had. She let me borrow it so I could figure out how to make the frames. Here is the set I came up with. I've got the tiles done. I'm still working on the frame. (I need to make a trip to my Dad's house for that for his expertise.) I haven't even figured up how much they cost to make, but I couldn't wait to post the tiles. I'll post more pictures with more details and info in a couple of days.

(PS - if this picture is fuzzy - I'll try to fix it another day - it won't load for me and it won't let me upload a new one - love dial-up internet.)

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