Customer Photos

Our Love Story never ends.

Love More, Worry Less

I thought I'd share a few more customer photos.  Here are a couple of master bedroom decals recently done.  I think they turned out awesome. 


My daughter had a friend who saw this idea on a blog A little of this and wanted to make one.  I did the vinyl for her.  She got the boards and painted them and added clips to hang her children's artwork and school work.  I think it is such a cute idea and it turned out so cute.  Thanks for the pictures Sunny!

Kitchen Wall Vinyl

I did some vinyl for my daughter and her husband for their new apartment. They had space over their kitchen sink that was a perfect spot for vinyl.

Wall Vinyl

My sister-in-law wanted to put some vinyl up in her house.  We did a few different things.  I"ll post more pictures when she has the other things up.  This first picture she has in her living room.  It says "For where your Treasure is, there will your Heart be also."  I don't know about you, but I know my heart is always with my family - my GREATEST treasure!

This next picture she put in her daughters' room.  She wanted a reminder for them that they truly are Princesses!  
I think they turned out great and add a nice touch to the rooms.

Custom Calendar and Customer Post

I recently had a cumstomer post a picture of her finished project on her blog.  I did a custom calendar vinyl for her chalkboard that she made.  It turned out so cute.
Here is the link to her post if you want to see how she made her chalkboard.