Custom Orders

I thought I would share some of the recent custom orders I've done. These vases were done by Tisa Jackson. A talented crafter with a shop on Etsy. She requested a decal with her shop name to put on glass vases. This is what I came up with. They turned out great I think. We used a metallic silver for the vinyl and I think they turned out great. Check out Tisa's Etsy shop. She has some really cute items for sale including cards and mini clip board kits to use as birthday party crafts. Her shop

This window frame was done by a wonderfully talented woman in Canada. She wanted some quotes done for a couple of the projects she was working on. She also has a shop on Etsy. Here's what she has to say about her shop: " We rescue and restyle furniture and home decor that would otherwise be left for the land fill. Here you will see everything from unique window frames, interesting tables, chairs and stools and pretty much anything else we can salvage and reinvent into a beautiful new version of its original self." While Canada may be too far for you to go - check out her shop. You just might get some great ideas!

This woman wanted some vinyl done for her display backdrop. We worked up the flowers and lettering for her. It turned out great.

Bright yellow to jazz up your windshield on your bright yellow car!!! She was very pleased with the way it turned out.

Another satisfied customer with the decal for his "Hog". This was a double layer decal. It looks great on the bike and the customer was very pleased with the results.

Merry Christmas

***NOTE - We no longer sell the kits.  If there are items that we happen to have in stock, we will be happy to sell those. ***
Here are a few of the items we put together for Christmas. I love the charger plates and the Christmas ornaments. We did a glass block with the lights inside - of course that one isn't in the picture :0.
Charger Plate - $3.00
Glass block - $10.00
Glass block with lights - $20.00
5.5 x 5.5 quote block - $5.00
6 x 6 tile - $5.00
Joy Candles - $6.00
Ornaments - $1.00 ea. or 12 for $8.00
Peace on Earth blocks (opposite side says J O Y) - $5.00

Magnet boards - Memories and Family

NOTE - we are no longer making the boards.  All items may not be in stock.  But we are happy to sell the vinyl and give instructions for making the boards yourself.

These boards are fun. It is so easy to switch out the pictures when you want to update. They come with a magnet and either a scroll to hang or a ribbon. The smaller boards are all 10 x 11 and the larger board is 10 x 18. Each has one piece of tin measuring 5 x 7. Use either a 5 x 7 photo, or a 4 x 6 if you want a border around the photo.

vinyl only - $1.50 (small board) or $4.00 (large board)

Finished - $20.00(small board with scroll)
$15.00 (small board with ribbon)
$24.00 (large board with scroll)

Families are Forever or Together Forever Scroll magnet board

This is one of my favorite ones. The board measures 24" long x 10" wide. It has straight edges and is distressed. With the scroll it measures approx. 20" tall by 28" long. The board and scroll are tied together with ribbon. Change out your pictures easily since they are held on with magnets!

vinyl only - choose from Together Forever or Families are Forever - $2.00

I have the top item available for sale $35.00

Get your head in the game!

Here is another fun spot board with hook. Great for your basketball star!
vinyl only - $5.00
Finished $25.00