Magnet boards - Memories and Family

NOTE - we are no longer making the boards.  All items may not be in stock.  But we are happy to sell the vinyl and give instructions for making the boards yourself.

These boards are fun. It is so easy to switch out the pictures when you want to update. They come with a magnet and either a scroll to hang or a ribbon. The smaller boards are all 10 x 11 and the larger board is 10 x 18. Each has one piece of tin measuring 5 x 7. Use either a 5 x 7 photo, or a 4 x 6 if you want a border around the photo.

vinyl only - $1.50 (small board) or $4.00 (large board)

Finished - $20.00(small board with scroll)
$15.00 (small board with ribbon)
$24.00 (large board with scroll)

Families are Forever or Together Forever Scroll magnet board

This is one of my favorite ones. The board measures 24" long x 10" wide. It has straight edges and is distressed. With the scroll it measures approx. 20" tall by 28" long. The board and scroll are tied together with ribbon. Change out your pictures easily since they are held on with magnets!

vinyl only - choose from Together Forever or Families are Forever - $2.00

I have the top item available for sale $35.00